TINY TIM AUXILIARY Dollar a Day Campaign

Dollar a Day Campaign

The Tiny Tim’rs are passionate about helping the children served by the Children’s Crisis Center who are so deserving of a safe, loving and nurturing environment.  As a result, in the spring of 2018, we rolled out our new fundraising campaign — the Dollar a Day Campaign.

To most of us, a donation of a dollar a day will not impact our day-to-day living..  and although you may not feel that a donation of a dollar a day is enough to make a significant impact, the power of a dollar is really quite amazing!

Imagine this:

With just nine donations of a dollar a day, we can provide milk for the ENTIRE preschool program for an ENTIRE year.

With just 18 donations, we can provide diapers for the ENTIRE infant program for an ENTIRE year.

If just 50 people find it in their hearts to spare ONE dollar a day, we could provide a year’s worth of meals for all of the children at one of the five shelters.

The fundraising possibilities of this campaign are endless.